Sunday, September 24, 2017

The Trump versus USA sports world has got team owners between a rock and hard place. The fact is liberalism has taken over and dominates education and damn near every major institution in the USA. But, sports are one of the last bastions of strong moderate to conservative strongholds left in America. 

Sure, the liberals are aggressive and makes a lot of noise but the real die hard sport’s fans tends to be moderate to conservative. In the end I feel this whole issue will boil down to what the bottom line can take. In this writer’s view the USA is in a complete moral and culture meltdown due to lack of societal discipline. 

Old fashion norms and traditions are not being instilled in the very young by the head of households and respect for authority and other people’s property is something from the past. 

You can stop reading now because everyone by now should know what I see as the solution. If you are one of the few that don’t know what I see as the solution: The answer is we must repeal the insane arch-evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law, that is the only thing that can untie and free the USA economy, which then will provide the societal discipline to save us all. 

God, I ask in your name save my beloved homeland.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

In this writer’s view the secret of deep wisdom is beyond logic. Many conservatives still think the USA can budget cut its way out of an inevitable economic collapse, wrong. On the other hand the liberals are too shallow to see a need to cut spending as long as one taxpayer is left standing. 

The liberals don't realize that every taxpayer gets his/her money to pay taxes directly or indirectly from the profits of some type of business. Yet, many of them hate business, and are too shallow to know that profitable businesses are the golden eggs that make big government and the welfare state possible. 

Well, I’m not educated and no genius but I feel I have raw wisdom above average. Sure, I am wrong on a lot of things but one thing I’m not wrong on is the USA economy is headed toward a total collapse. And depending on fine-tuning this and on the other hand fine-tuning that ain't gonna cut it, you know what President Nixon said about that, "He said he was going to hire him a one arm economist".  

By political means the USA cannot be saved, but a genuine true free market place can even at this late stage. In my view the true solution is not new, I must have repeated it well over a thousand times but no one wants to hear it. “A thousand mile journal begins with the first step”. 

The only way to get a genuine true free market place economy, which will save the USA is to first repeal our 1938 socialist minimum wage law, period; there is no other way. Everyone knows the free market place works and has withstood the test of time. I rest my case.

Nature's supreme law Of "Natural Selection" is based on a survival need, which means if there is no survival need for anything in nature it will slowly, start ceasing to exist. There must be survival need for men and women to get married. 

The welfare states in western civilization has made women independent to the point they no longer have a survival need for any man to survival. And it works both ways and is the reason there is more and more deadbeat dads. No sweat uncle sugar will take care of them, before the welfare state it was extremely rare for a man to leave his wife and kids totally stranded.

When you destroy the nuclear and extended family foundation you have nothing left in terms of human survival. It is no longer a matter of will the USA economy totally collapse, it is a matter of how much time we have left before it do collapse, period.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

As a self-made writer with an exceptional strong survival instinct I decided to express my personal view concerning what’s going down on the world stage. That said, I’m going to use a sports term often used especially in American football, “We need to get back to the basics”. 

We have gotten so far away from the basics that very few know what true basics are anymore. What is taught and instilled in the very young means everything in terms of maintaining a civil society. The first basic, which is the foundation for long tern human survival is maintaining a strong nuclear and extended family system, period. 

The government seized the family provide role but it never taught or instilled proper norms and traditions in the very young. So, the big question now is how do we get back to the basics? The only way the USA is ever going to get back to basics and survive is to repeal the insane arch-evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law, period. 

I know the odds are 99 to 1 against that ever happening, but I can see that as the way out even if no one else can. In my view the USA economy is teetering on the brink of a total collapse and can’t continue to be a social and family provider and have enough funds left to maintain a proper national defense, period. 

Back to a strong nuclear and extended family system with the head of household as the provider is the only way the military will have enough funds to protect this great nation. When that is done the USA economy will have the capacity to take a punch from some pesky small country and counter punch with a total knockout. 

Right now the USA economy has a glass jaw in this writers opinion. No government can carry the financial load of a social and family provider and survive very long. Practically all government income originates directly or indirectly from private business profit.

The only thing that can generate profit is a private business and the liberals through their shallow mindedness and crippling regulations is choking them almost to death. 

All throughout history the family provider role has been reserved to the head of household until the "New Deal" came along. Then the government seizes the family provider role for itself and got drunk on power, and will never give up the role as long as a minimum wage law is in place.

Sure, everybody is so in love with FEMA and big government now, but what are you going to do when insane government spending has made money worthless and government can't play nursemaid anymore? Thank about it! It's going to happen! The insane arch-evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law must be repealed or else.

Monday, August 28, 2017

In this writer’s view the biggest problem in the USA today has nothing to do with race. I believe the biggest problem in the USA today is out of control run-away liberalism, which is due to a lack of individual responsibility and accountability. 

Today most liberals can’t tell the difference between individual responsibility, individual accountability, and racism. The responsibility and accountability of teaching our very young proper norms and traditions for the most part was lost when they enacted the 1938 socialist minimum wage law. 

Now, after around four generations very few know what proper norms and traditions are. Today most shallow minded liberals believe if anyone stands up for individual responsibility and accountability they must be a racist, duh, the liberal inmates is now running the asylum.

Sure, there is racism in America. And it always has and always will be racism in America to some degree as long as we have different races. But, with the almost unlimited amount of individual freedom we all have in America today no one with self-pride and an “I can do” attitude can be held down for long. 

It is like winning ballgames in sports, the refereeing is a factor and sometimes they make bad calls, but true winners never focus and dwell on the negative. It is the same thing with racism, you don’t focus and dwell on the negative, you move past it. 

It is far more important on what one is going to do for him/her self than blaming the system and everything else under the sun in this imperfect world.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Somebody needs to explain the facts about the role of the U. S. senate in terms of states rights. I wrote many years ago that the people gave up their real power when they allowed the government to seize the social and family provider role for its self. 

Whoever is the provider is the real boss and has the final say like it or not. And on the other hand the states also gave up their real power by enacting the seventeenth amendment. Before the seventeenth amendment state governors and legislatures exercised almost total control over their two appointed senators. 

When senators were appointed they answered to their state governor and state legislature and didn’t need to depend on special interest to get reelected. Sure, it was extremely political and bitter on who would be appointed, so the states took the course of least resistance and decided to let the people decide. 

Constitutional-wise U. S. representatives were primarily designed to represent the people in congress, and U. S. senators were primarily designed to represent the states in congress. In this writer’s view the senate filibuster rule days are numbered because if the republicans doesn’t end it, when the Dem’s get back in power they certainly will.

How in the hell can the states maintain a check on an all powerful out of control run-a-way big government when it can't control it's own two senators. 

PS: No one truly knows, but this writer will take a shot in the dark and say: There is a better than 60 percent chance that the senate republicans will go over the 60 mark in 2018.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

I have hired and provided jobs for people and know what it is like to struggle to make payroll when operating a business. How many of all of these self-righteous know-it-all people that ought to be counting their blessings ever sacrificed or done anything to help this nation survive. 

We live in a nation with the most individual freedom and opportunity found anywhere on earth. Yet, we find hoards of people blaming any and everything under the sun but the real cause, which is the man/woman in the mirror for all of their shortcomings. If you won't do for yourself you haven't earned it and certainly don't deserve it, period. 

Sure, everyone sooner or later is going to need help from someone in life, but today far too many people don't really want a helping hand they want to be given a crutch to lean on for for the rest of their life. 

Minimum wage laws and welfare states is what's destroying western culture, morals, and our nuclear family foundation, not terrorist or any other invading enemy. The 1938 USA minimum wage law must be repealed before it is too late. 

The west is so internally corrupted it can't survive without immigration, period. The opioid problem alone speaks volumes, the military and manufacturing can't use people strung out on illegal mind-altering drugs.
F. L. SIRMANS LOG: 18 AUGUST 2017, 2155 HOURS. 

I have tried not to comment on all of this self-righteous and who may or may not be a racist. I love this country, but I also believe in constructive criticism. 

I’ve said it before and will say it again; I don’t think nothing is a bigger threat to the survival of the USA than the out of control liberalism that is running rampart today, not even a nuclear threat or anything else that I can imagine is more dangerous. The country is at the point of being ungovernable by anyone except a media placating weak big government sugar daddy liberal. 

Extreme liberalism is out of control and running wild. The country is super high on emotionalism and true common sense and sound judgment is all but drowned out by political correction and racialism charges. We can forget about any bright future for the USA until extreme liberalism is reined in, period. If nothing else Trump is flushing out the political hypocrites and snakes that have been hiding their true color for years. 

The only thing left that can possibly save the USA by breaking the liberalism death grip is to repeal the 1938 socialist minimum wage law. That act would untie the USA economy then the societal discipline from a true free market place would rein in all extremes. Otherwise, we might as well kiss this once great country good-by forever. Amen. (Click here to understand slave blood killings)  
F. L. SIRMANS LOG: 16 AUGUST 2017, 1748 HOURS.  

Sunday, August 13, 2017

I, as a self-made crude neurotic writer have been drum beating on the destructive power of the USA arch-evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law for a long time, now. And it has been like beating my head up against a brick wall, which any normal writer would have long ago thrown in the towel. 

I feel like the wood chopper, many times I have wished that I could just give up and walk away, but I feel it is my destiny to keep sounding the emergency distress call alarm to help save my beloved nation even if no one will listen. The main problem I face in getting anyone to see the logic of getting rid of the minimum wage law is perspective and wisdom to see the entire picture as a whole. 

By the way the wood chopper after swinging his great axe many times to split a mighty oak block just tossed his axe aside and decided to give up and walk away feeling he had totally failed. He could not see any results but before walking away he decided to kneel down for a closer look and to his surprise he could see the beginning of a small split. The moral of the story is no positive human effort is a total waste. 

Sometimes the right advice can change ones whole attitude, I remember when I was a young Airman in the military a Sgt. Williams said something that changed my whole attitude. I had become overly defensively and thinking I was getting too many raw deal. And one day I was bitching to Sgt. Williams and he said to me “Freddie you see all of these people around here, these people have eyes and if you are being mistreated everyone can see it”.  I got rid of my overly defensively attitude from that day on. 

My high school basketball coach said something over sixty years ago that I have never forgotten, the team seemed too impatience to settle down and set up the plays properly, he said something obvious and very simple “The other team can’t score when we have the ball”. Well, in economic terms a merchant can’t price the cost of his goods more than the poor and middle class can afford and still stay in business. 

That is the rule and law on understanding basic free market place economic (meaning you can’t get blood out of a turnip). And that law stands through hell and high waters unless government goes into competition against the working poor and middle class by giving cash to non-workers on an individual basis. 

In a true free market place economy the poor and middle class workers ability to pay is what sets the prices of goods, but when government pays non-workers on an individual basis that supplies enough guarantied customers so the merchant can say screw you working poor and middle class. 

The government should stick with taking a small amount of profit for internal and external defense and the very few things the people can't do for themselves. That way the seller and the buyer will maintain a natural balance and prices can't get out of hand. 

To protect the economy the government must never become a social and family provider unless it is going to provides its own commissaries, clinics, and housing units itself.

Anyway, so here we are making more and more inflated money that has less and less buying power. And even worse this whole process has all but totally destroyed our culture, moral standards, and our nuclear family foundation. 

As for the minimum wage law, none of this almost total destruction could have taken place without the full nelson choke hold it has on the USA free market place economy. Amen.
F. L. SIRMANS LOG: 13 AUGUST 2017, 2206 HOURS.