Tuesday, October 3, 2017


This writer sees the NFL situation like a parent being a buddy or pal to his/her child. The fact is sooner or later without a doubt the child is going to rebel; it's just a matter of time. The moral of the story is a parent should never be a buddy or pal to a child in the first place. 

A child is not just a love item to be doted upon, a child is a separate individual that above all should be taught responsibility and accountability to stand alone on his/her own eighteen years later, period. 

Old values and old norms evolved from years of tried and true proven survival experience. There is a proven reason why military officers are forbidden to fraternize with the enlisted. Free speech for all, baby.

There are only two major disciplines' to maintain an orderly society. Number one is the Iron fist, which has been used 99 percent of the time through out history. And number two is a genuine true free market place economy, which uses the boom and bust cycle to purge out anti-survival threats.

What the USA has since the 1938 minimum wage law was enacted is a phony false weak p.... pretender of a true free market place economy. You can't have a true free market place with a minimum wage law blocking wage freedom. 

A minimum wage law blocks and kills the natural discipline power of a true free market place economy, which leaves it powerless to protect our society by purging out moral decay, culture rot, and aggressive extreme liberalism.

Something gotta be done about all of this insane heinous killing of innocent, good, and decent people by self-serving nut cases. But, what must be done ain’t what the liberals think should be done. 

The hidden root and core problem what’s causing all of this killing is the almost total destruction of the USA culture and moral foundation, which is due to generations of a welfare state. The welfare state has enabled liberalism to run amuck unchecked and is now totally out of control and running wild. 

The shallow minded weak survival instinct aggressive liberal news media mean well and have good intentions, but who was it that said the way to hell is paved with good intentions? We are at a point this writer feels only repealing the insane arch-evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law can save the USA. That is the only thing that can set free our hog-tied all mighty USA free market place economy. 

Only a genuine true free market place economy has the discipline power to rein in out of control liberalism without destroying individual freedom in the process, like the iron fist. To God be the glory.

Starting with the Trump presidency the pendulum has swung. Finally out of control liberalism is being checked at the highest level. But, sadly it won't be nearly enough to rein in liberalism in terms of saving this great nation, his effort is like pissing on a barn fire expecting to put it out. 

The only thing that can rein in self-destructive out of control run-away liberalism is to repeal our insane arch-evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law, period. Aggressive liberalism is the reason general public individual freedom is unheard of throughout human history. 

Only the Iron fist has ruled throughout history. And the only way the USA pulled off this individual freedom thing is by the societal discipline of a true free market place economy, period. But, a good intention do-good liberal enacted our insane arch-evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law. 

The most important thing about a true free market place economy is its discipline power. Well, a minimum wage law blocks and kills the discipline power in a free market place economy. So, with the enacted new 1938 minimum wage law that left the USA with a weak p.... economy and no institutional societal discipline to balance aggressive liberalism.

Conservatives tends to be strong on self-discipline, whereas liberals tend to be shallow thinkers and weak on self-discipline, but they are super aggressive. To maintain order there must be societal discipline and throughout history the iron fist tool was almost always used, but the Iron fist won't allow individual freedom. 

The other effective tool that will maintain societal discipline plus embrace individual freedom at the same time is a genuine true free market place economy, which uses the cycles of boom and bust to purge out culture rot, moral decay, and every other extreme.

In other words freedom for all of the general public and especially individual freedom cannot exist very long without a genuine true free market place economy, liberalism will not allow it. Pick your poison USA; the Iron fist will definitely come to this great north American giant if our 1938 minimum wage law prevails and stay in place, period.